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Gary Ernest Davis

Brief bio

I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

I was educated (BSc and PhD) at Monash University, Melbourne.

I worked for many years in the Department of Mathematics, La Trobe University, Melbourne.

As a result of my work in mathematics education, I went to the School of Education at the University of Southampton, UK, where I was Professor and Director of the Centre for Mathematics Education.

I then went to Rutgers, NJ, where I was Visiting Professor in the Graduate School of Education and Senior Research Scientist in the Robert B. Davis Institute for Learning at Rutgers.

After Rutgers I went to the College of Education at Washington State University, where I was Boeing Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Education.

I was recruited to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth by the late James Kaput, and came into the University as a tenured Full Professor in the Department of Mathematics which, in 2004, was one of the leading centers worldwide for mathematics education.

I am both a United States and Australian citizen

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